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Situated among Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other Asian communities, Keywords of Asiais initiated through a collaboration between Knowledge Taiwan Collective and the Hong Kong Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong to write theory in, of, and out of Asia as an act of intellectual activism.

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Conceptualizing Taiwan as a site of cultural theory production, Knowledege Taiwan Collective is formed by scholars and researchers to defamiliarize the usual undertsanding of Taiwan by activating concepts via new intellectual and affective registers.  The aim is to invent new vocabularies -- keywords --

that can evoke specificities of Taiwan experience without relying on cliched terms, stock phrases, and borrowed concepts.

At the University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Studies programme of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures is an interdisciplinary programme aimed at giving students a broad-based education on Hong Kong—its society, culture, creative industries, economy, politics, history and environment. The programme combines the perspectives and curricular strengths of a variety of disciplines, including literature, art history, history, sociology, politics, economics, journalism and communications.​

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